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!!!Maksim Krylov (BORKHES) Lost in Iran!!!

Russian motorcyclist lost in Iran.

Maksim Krylov, who is also known as BORKHES is an experienced motorcyclist. He travelled to Iran for the third time. On 2nd May Maksim departed from Moscow to Iran on his motorcycle Honda XL 650 Transalp. Last time he contacted his family on 24th May. At that moment he was on Hormuz Island near city of Bandar Abbas. The last message he sent was: “Soon. I'm going up towards Shiraz, Isfahan, Tabriz”. Also Maksim said, that he intended to visit Qeshm Island the next day, 25th May. After that there were no messages or telephone calls from Maksim and his mobile was unavailable. Maksim was going to get back to Russia via Azerbaijan.

On 4th June Maksim’s father addressed to the Iran Embassy in Moscow with a request about his son; however, he still can not get any information about Maksim’s location.

On 22nd June relatives and friends of Maksim wrote petitions to Ambassador of Iran in Moscow and Ambassador of Russia in Tehran. The petitions have been signed by more than 2,000 people and will be delivered to the addressees soon.

Maksim’s description:
33 years old, 185cm tall, weight 85kg, sport fit. Maksim is bald and has blue eyes. He wears glasses or contact lens, has piecing in his left ear. Maksim’s motorcycle has a broken front fairing.

The most probable places, where Maksim could be located: Hormuz island, Qeshm Island, Bandar Abbas - Shiraz - Isfahan - Tabriz.

Phones in Russia:
korkin25@mail.ru. Eugeny Kuzakov, friend of Maksim.