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Motorcycle Honda XL650 Transalp

Bike info

Make Honda
Model XL650V6 Transalp
Model year 2006
Manufacturing year 2007
Milage 40,000km
Servicing details The bike was serviced at Peter Stevens and Bill's Motorcycles until the end of the extended warranty in 20xx. Service book is available.
Further services has been done at the owner's garage. Service records are available.
Last service date: 2015/03/22, milage:39000km, type: FULL, click for details

Bike condition

Engine 100% good condition. No any problems detected.
Frame and body 100% good condition. No any problems detected.
Honda lower seat installed.
Paint protecting carbone-looking film applied on tank. Feel free to use your knees protection over pants
Trasmission Chain with sprockets was changed on xx/xx/20xx. Chain DID525 Gold, rivet type lock, JT sprockets, standard teeth
Fairing The bike has two sets of fairing
1. Standard fairing has a minor crack. Has been fixed with fiberglass patch. A small lock near the headlight was damaged while unmounting.
The fairing has two red star stickers, which don't hide any cracks.
Unswitched, fuse-protected +12V outlet is installed at the right side.
2. Custom made Africa Twin style fiberglass fairing. The fairing features:
-- Extremely easy access to the bike for service -- High fairing and windscreen. The wind protection is better in comparison to Touratech high wind screen.
-- Raised and more vertical standard Transalp dashboard. The improved position reduces reflections and makes eyes focusing easier and faster.
-- Double round adjustable headlight, which gives a lot of light (2 x H4 bulbs). Flexible headlight control. Left light is controlled by standard switch and may be switched off. Right light may be switched off, always low beam or duplicate the left light behaviour.
-- Switched +12V outlet
-- Voltmeter and thermometer
-- Additional fuse-protected switch for auxilary use
-- The fairing is attached to the fork, so light turns when steering. Especially useful for offroad at night.
Electrics There is a fuse-protected sleeved cable from the battery to the front part of the bike. With standard fairing connected to the 12V outlet. With custom fairing powers up switched +12V outlet.
Tyres Michelin Sirac, replaced at 39000km
Extras The full list of extras is in the lists below.